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I’ve made use of print media since I was eighteen.
Browse a selection of that work here, including work
using letterpress, spraypaint stencil, screenprinting,
and photocopied drawing.



My projects are varied. They often combine art, text, and organizational elements. They either grow out of a particular obsession that becomes a starting point for an extended period of research, or are conceived in relation to a specific set of circumstances (the nature of the space, audience, and timing) having to do with a collaboration or an institutional invitation.


Drawing is a way for me to work out ideas, intuitive connections, and non-linear relationships within the context of all my other content concerns, ie social analysis, sociohistorical conditions, political action, cultural identification, word/image problems, etc. It is also an arena for play, informality, and experimentation. The most valuable result of these efforts—often modest in scale and rapid in execution—is the ongoing evolution of ideas in visual form. The concrete outcome is a trail of drawings as finished works.