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the Aldi Project
the people’s food store?

Engagement Park

From a one-night exhibition at Paragraph Gallery in Kansas City that put on display the results of a workshop with students.

Homage to a Time When There Were Squares

A 2002 installation at the Chicago Cultural Center that combines passages from the Port Huron Statement with three forms quoting from Albers’ Homage to the Square.

Learning Tree
In collaboration with Myriel Milicevic and Kevin Haywood, outdoor and indoor versions.

Illusions Driven over the Sea

A meditation on two places, Detroit and Penglai.

Mediated Political Speech
A minimalist closed-circuit video studio without walls, for the purposes of narrowcasting live recitations of pre-video political speeches, installed at the Art of This gallery in Minneapolis over the week of the Republican National Convention in Saint Paul, 2008.
SOHO in Ottakring
I participated in the yearly SOHO in Ottakring urban arts festival in Vienna, Austria in 2009. With the help of organizers Beatrix Zobl and Ula Schneider I set up a workshop for making flyers and discussing political strategy.
When the Cylinder Press Met the Photocopier
A large wall installation at the Carlsten Gallery of the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, combining drawing, printing, and theory. From 2002.

The Journey West
A travel office set up in Beijing, offering creative and critical tours of America to the new Chinese traveler. A collaboration with new media artist Stephanie Rothenberg.