Imagine Taxing

Imagine Taxing The Rich was a simple exercise in recursive dissemination. I printed thirty-two posters using the usual wood and metal type. I mailed them to social media contacts from around town and from around the country who agreed to post them and send me a picture. I compiled the pics which were then recirculated as picture albums on social media. As argued by the economist Thomas Piketty, raising taxes on the rich is the only way to decelerate the fast widening wealth gap, both within and across countries. In the United States the tax conversation is dominated by the anti-tax hard right. But this did not happen overnight. As most thinking people know, income taxes were set well upwards of 70% for the top brackets back in the 1950s and 60s. I believe that leftists can reverse the demonization of taxing the wealthy. Every extra advertisement for taxing counts for something. A poster or placard carrying pro-tax/anti-rich language, detached from any particular campaign and therefore long-lived, helps to do the work.