From Liberal Consensus to Neoliberal Chaos
artists and the restructuring of higher ed

From One Moment to the Next, Wisconsin to Wall Street
the restive united states of 2011

On Community and On Place with Daniel Tucker
trying to locate ourselves

a simple nod in the other direction

Beyond Microaggressions in 2014
think bigger, feel more

Not a Printing Office
a brief meditation on a past medium

Forum on the Yi-Fen Chou Affair
the discontents of ethnic masquerades

A Response to Judith Butler
working the Optimism after delivering a beatdown, feeling good about feeling good

New Solidarities
Lining up in common

The following articles are in Acrobat (PDF) format:

A Call to Farms
the first book by Compass and Friends, long out of print

Falling In Syllabus and Reading List
counterculture for students from China

Downtime at the Experimental Station
a conversation with dan peterman, between the lives of a building

Agent of Change (kjm new art examiner)
Kerry James Marshall, inner cities and art schools have more in common than is good for either

Daley Plaza
in the heart of the loop

Culture & Conflict at Gallery 400
the issue is occupation

Translocal Movement Energy
from the Upper Midwest to your front door and through your mind’s window

You Wanna Art?
I Give You Revolution about a book by one of my favorite continental philosophers

Theaster Gates at Chipstone
when the soul opened the staid a new store